During our first years, we provided services to a large number of clients covering a quite diverse nature of activities.

The increased demand of attention from some of our traditional clients has naturally driven us to work later with a smaller number of companies.

As of today, these companies are large, medium and small endeavors that come from various sectors and who share a key similarity: they all excel in the attention of the environmental and social aspects of their projects.
  • airport services,
  • breweries,
  • construction companies,
  • energy generation (hydro, gas, biofuel, geothermal),
  • energy transportation,
  • financial services companies,
  • fuel provision operations,
  • hydrocarbon & gas exploration, drilling and piping,
  • integrated waste management, landfills,
  • international organizations (WB, IFC, IDB, IIC, CAF, US AID among others),
  • mining exploration, exploitation and mineral processing,
  • mining liabilities administration companies,
  • oil refineries,
  • paper processing industries,
  • petrochemical plants (fertilizers, urea, ammonia),
  • sugar mills,
  • telecommunication services companies,
  • textile industries, and
  • vegetable oil industries.

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