Key Capabilities
  • Environmental Impact Assessment. We know our country and our people and know how to design the solutions that assure project success in the environmental and social areas and, when required, in the international financing area.

  • Environmental Auditing. On the basis of the latest knowhow and expertise, our multidisciplinary team can get the best x-ray of any industry or situation for a defined purpose, as well as social friendly solutions.

  • Monitoring and Supervision. Either on a permanent basis or through programmed field visits, our team makes sure set or approved standards are complied by industries, personnel or sub contractors.

  • Legal Counseling. There are few situations that we have not experienced so far and it is highly probable that we already have the appropriate alternatives for your situation.

  • Pollution Prevention. Our team can provide cost effective and money saving solutions that will at the same time reduce the net use of materials and resources in an industry as well as a decrease in wastewater, solid waste and air emissions generation.

  • Local Expertise ... Global Value
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