• Exploration Well Environmental Impact Assessment and Compliance Monitoring in a Protected Area. A project for Empresa Petrolera CHACO S.A. (BP AMOCO), we developed the EIA for the drilling of the Ustarez X-1 exploration well located in the heart of the Kaa Iya National Park near the Paraguayan border, and executed the permanent monitoring or supervision of environmental considerations during the its execution phase.

  • Baseline Audit for Environmental Liabilities from Past Mining Operations. Including the drilling of drill holes at large tailings ponds, we developed a complete analysis of mining environmental liabilities generated from mines operated even as late as the 19th century, and provided remediation alternatives that are now being implemented. This work was executed for the Bolivian Mining Corporation (COMIBOL for its Spanish initials).

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for an Electrical Co-Generation Plant operating from Bagasse. Developed for Industria Azucarera Guabirá S.A., a study was developed for a co-generation plant located at Mineros, Santa Cruz, which benefits from solid waste from a sugar cane industrial complex to generate electrical energy both for the plant’s operation as well as for delivery to the national grid. The project included the electrical line to the nearest substation.

  • Environmental Audit of a Gas Exploration Well Explosion. Executed for the Ministry of Sustainable Development, we developed this audit together with ERM Argentina S.A. and successfully attained a consensus on its results by the Bolivian government, the audited company, and all social actors involved. It is 1 of 2 audits executed so far by request of the Bolivian Government.

  • Due Diligence for Communications National Project. Executed for the International Development Bank and the Andean Development Corporation (CAF for its Spanish initials) we audited environmental compliance by the AES Bolivia company in their fiber optic project covering three cities and departments or states.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for 604 km of Power Lines. A project developed for Consorcio Bolivia –Ingelec, Alstom and Eléctricas de Medellín- and ultimately for the Colombia originated ISA Bolivia S.A., which covered 4 of Bolivia’s 9 departments or states and ranged from the very green lowlands of the Chapare to the high and cold high plateau of Potosi. The project included 5 electrical substations.

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